Peace Buzz Episode 10: Chelsea Manning’s sentence commuted

Host Serena Blaiz surveys reactions to the news that President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Jeff Paterson, co-founder of the Chelsea Manning Support Network, talks about the 7 year support campaign, and James M. Branum, with the Military Law Task Force, answers some questions about the commutation, and considers what Chelsea and her supporters should expect in the next few months.



Peace Buzz Episode 1 for March 2016

Episode 1 – March 2016
Host: Serena Blaiz

See update below (3/13/2016)

After an introduction of the podcast, Serena looks at the plan for closing the detention facility at Guantanamo, Cuba, as announced by President Obama on Feb. 22. Reactions to the plan come from representatives of the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Center for American Progress, Close Guantanamo and Amnesty International. In Segment 2, we hear Michael Moore discussing his new documentary ‘Where to Invade Next’ which opened in the US on Feb. 12. Serena gives a report on the film’s release and distribution, with a call for listeners to find and support the film. Finally, Medea Benjamin talks about life inside Saudi Arabia, and why US activists need to be more concerned and active in seeking changes in policy towards that country. To this end, Codepink, The Nation, Peace Action and many other organizations have organized the Summit on Saudi Arabia 2016, which will be held on March 5 and 6.

Segment 1: Guantanamo 1:20
Segment 2: Where to Invade Next
Segment 3: Summit on Saudi Arabia 2016 21:51

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Peace Buzz is a monthly podcast produced by the Center for Conscience in Action and hosted by Serena Blaiz, with technical support from James M. Branum. Extended distribution is provided by Broad Spectrum Radio. It can be found at

Peace Buzz exists as a way to help add additional, underrepresented voices for peace and justice to the media landscape. We cover stories and include points of view that get neglected or diminished by corporate-owned media outlets and the preponderance of rightwing worldviews in TV and radio coverage of current events. We seek to help US activists be more aware of emerging ideas for positive change and more engaged in the global movement to create a world where peace, education, economic opportunity, healthcare and justice are available to everyone and sustainability for future generations guides all decisionmaking.



From CodePink’s post-event report:

On behalf of the entire CODEPINK team, we are thrilled to report that we held an extremely successful Summit on Saudi Arabia last weekend. We had a wonderful turnout (over 250 participants) and excellent audience participation throughout the weekend!

CodePink has more news, videos of key Summit panels (from Real News Network), and action alerts on their website’s Saudi Arabia section.


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