Peace Buzz returns with new format and schedule

After a two-year hiatus, Peace Buzz is back on the air, with some formatting and frequency changes, and a new sponsoring organization. The new sponsor is Just Future — more about that later. The podcast will now be a half hour, magazine style, with content focusing on activism and events, people and their impact on the larger community. We’ll put out new episodes about every two weeks. If you were a listener to our previous show, thank you for your continued interest in this effort. We think you will like the changes, which mean a faster pace within the show and more frequent episodes. If you are just finding us, welcome and please say hello.

Our focus will still be on the US peace movement, but with a global sensibility. Serena Blaiz will continue to host and produce. There will be occassional specials that harken back to the original show, with an in-depth interview or report.

Additionally, we have a new web address, All our episodes will be archived there, with posts for each that provide all the links and contact info for each news report or event mentioned.

One of the new features will be a look at people who have made a difference in their communities and how we can be inspired by or learn from their examples.

We are inviting activists to become contributors by sending us events, news reports and suggestions for stories.

We are very thankful to our previous sponsoring organization, the Center for Conscience in Action, which is still active and making a real difference and can be found at But with this new show, our founding sponsor is Just Future, a nonprofit founded by Serena Blaiz. We are inviting other sponsors who may be interested in supporting the show, so please get in touch if that is something of interest.

Peace Buzz Episode 10: Chelsea Manning’s sentence commuted

Host Serena Blaiz surveys reactions to the news that President Obama commuted Chelsea Manning’s sentence. Jeff Paterson, co-founder of the Chelsea Manning Support Network, talks about the 7 year support campaign, and James M. Branum, with the Military Law Task Force, answers some questions about the commutation, and considers what Chelsea and her supporters should expect in the next few months.



Episode 9 – Post-Election Assessment of the Death Penalty in the US

Host Serena Blaiz talks to two anti-death-penalty activists to get a sense of the state of the abolition movement after the elections. Guests: James Clark of Amnesty USA and Abraham Bonowitz.





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