Peace Buzz Episode for February 14 2019

We’re back! Exciting changes in format and frequency. Check out this episode with news and info, a report on a new registry for war resisters, honoring Black History Month with a look at an Oklahoma civil rights icon, and events addressing NATO, Venezuela and nuclear proliferation. All that and more!

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Clara Luper

Resister Registry

60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution

National Network on Cuba May Day brigade to Cuba


No to NATO

Green New Deal

Whitney Webb, Mint Press News:

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Corporations See a Different Kind of “Green” in Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”

Stop Nuclear Proliferation

Campaign Nonviolence

Action Week
September 14-22, 2019 Everywhere

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A long time activist on many peace and justice issues, Rena is the founder and Director of Just Future. She lives in Oklahoma City with her two dogs.

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