Episode 5: Bringing social ethics to business with benefit corporations

In episode 5, first aired on May 26, 2016, we explore some exciting developments in the world of capitalism. Yes, you heard that right! Benefit corporations are a new business model that brings balance to the exploitative excesses that have led to injustice, tragedy, and worker revolts.


Speech by Bryan Welch: Be The Change: Business and Faith for a New Millennium (Courtesy of OklahomaActivist.com)

B Corp Anthem

DocStocTV: What Is A Benefit Corporation?

Journey of Benefit Corp Legislation

For more info about B Corporations

Take Down The Fascists by Cletus Got Shot
Sometimes I Walk the Aisles by David Rovics

Peace Buzz is a radio program and podcast from Upwave Media, a project of the Center for Conscience in Action. It is hosted and produced by Serena Blaiz.

About Rena

A long time activist on many peace and justice issues, Rena is the founder and Director of Just Future. She lives in Oklahoma City with her two dogs.

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